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Alzheimer and Dementia Caregive Stories

Coaching Sign-Up

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The Helm Coaching Agreement

I am signing up for Take The Helm LLC’s (“The Helm”)  Peer Caregiver Coaching service. I have read the details on the Coaching program and understand the nature of The Helm’s coaching program, including the coaches’ qualifications and The Helm’s approach to protecting my personal information. I understand that The Helm is steadfastly committed to protecting my privacy and will not share my name and identifying details with anyone unless I share that there is a serious and imminent threat to my, my Loved One’s, or someone else’s physical safety and disclosing the information could prevent or lessen the threat. 


I understand that The Helm and/or Peer Caregiver Coaches are not offering medical advice and coaching is not a substitute for healthcare or professional mental health support. I understand The Helm is not offering legal or financial advice and that for legal and financial questions I should consult with my and/or my Loved One’s lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, or other relevant professional. I understand that The Helm is not offering specific advice or treatment and any decision I make is my responsibility and is made at my own risk. I understand that coaches can not help me with emergencies and in the event of an emergency I should call 911. I understand that I should consult my Loved One’s medical provider(s) before making any significant changes in their care. 


I understand that The Helm reserves the right to terminate the coaching relationship at any time. 


A coach can text me at the number that I provide when signing-up for Coaching.

Last Updated: May 4, 2021

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