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Alzheimer and Dementia Caregive Stories

Text-Based Care Coaching

If you are like us, in moments of frustration and total exhaustion, you wish you could text someone who could understand and help. 


The Helm’s peer caregiver coaching puts a network of fellow caregivers at your fingertips. 

We won’t tell you what to do. We won’t judge you.

We will tell you about what other caregivers have done in a similar situation and help you problem solve.  We will cheer you on.

What is it?

Text your dedicated caregiver coach from anywhere, anytime - for free! 


Like you, the coaches have cared for parents, spouses, and other loved ones with dementia. If you are helping someone navigate dementia, peer caregiver coaching could be for you.

No scheduling. No new apps. No Zoom. No repeating the same story.

Just help.  At your fingertips.


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How does it work?

Click that yellow "Get Matched" button above. Give us a little info and get a coach. It's free!

1. Sign Up

Your coach will text you at the number you provide.

2. Get a Coach

Text your coach when you have a question or need support. She'll do her best to respond within a few hours.  

3. Start Texting

How does Peer Caregiver Coaching work?

Peer Caregiver Coaching is a text-based coaching program to help dementia caregivers make caregiving decisions. A dedicated text line is established between a Peer Caregiver Coach and a caregiver. The caregiver can text the coach morning, noon, or night. . Coaches won't always respond right away but will do their best to respond within a few hours. 


A dedicated coach follows your care journey and can jump in when you need help. In other words, you don’t have to re-introduce yourself or re-tell your story every time you have a question

How are these caregiver coaches qualified?

Our coaches’ main qualifications: they are caregivers themselves. They’ve been there. They also benefit from having talked to lots of caregivers and seen how others have worked through similar situations. Our caregivers are not medically trained: don’t expect a doctor, a social worker, or a therapist. Expect someone who’s lived this. 


What does coaching cost?

The Helm’s coaching program is currently free. 


What can I get help with?

We know caregiving involves a lot. You tell us what you need. You might say: 

  • My Loved One refuses to get in the car and is currently walking down the side of the road. What do I do? 

  • I am lonely. Really lonely. 

  • I can’t get my Loved One to take his pills. It’s a fight three times a day. I’m anxious about it all day. 

  • My wife hasn’t showered in days. Any tips to get her in the shower? 

  • My dad said something weird to my neighbor. I didn't know what to say. Any tips? 

  • We had an appointment scheduled for today. After taking off work, paying for parking, I found out my Loved One cancelled it. I’m crying in my car. 

  • We have a COVID vaccine appointment for my Loved One but I’m worried how my Loved One will react. Do you know how other families have handled this? 

This is personal stuff. How do you handle privacy? 

We take your privacy seriously. This is personal information about you, your Loved One, and your family. We store your information securely. Your Peer Caregiver Coach will use your personal information to support you (e.g. if you share that your Loved One is wandering a lot, your coach will note that so, if you later have a question about wandering your coach will know its been a challenge before). The Helm will not share your name and identifying details with anyone unless you share that there is a serious and imminent threat to your, your Loved One, or someone else’s physical safety and disclosing the information could prevent or lessen the threat. 

I don't want my information published on The Helm. If I sign up for coaching will my story appear on the The Helm? 

No. The information shared via coaching will never appear on the The Helm website. The caregiver stories shared on the website are from interviews conducted with caregivers for the explicit purpose of being shared on the site. Those caregivers understood their story would be shared and agreed to have their story shared. In those stories, the caregiver name is a pseudonym and some personal identifying information has been removed to protect their privacy. 

How do I sign up?

Right here. We will notify you when we have a coach available to pair with you. 


Other questions?


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