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Alzheimer and Dementia Caregive Stories

Care Decisions

How do I...? Where do I...? What should I...?

Caregiving is about making decisions. Lots of decisions.


Seemingly small ones: how do I get him to change his shirt? And big ones: how do I know if she shouldn't live at home anymore? That's a lot of responsibility. It's hard to figure out what you even need to know in order to make decisions. 


The care decisions below are intended to help you sort through these questions and decide what's best for your family.

Something is weird. How do I know if this is regular aging?
How do I stop my Loved One from driving?
When and how do I get extra help? 
Paid Help
I'm concerned. What do I do now? 
Getting a Diagnosis
What should my Loved One do all day?
When and how should I think about residential care? 
Out-of-Home Care
Something big has happened. Who needs to know?
Telling People
I'm worried about losing them. How do I keep them safe?
Managing Wandering
I'm at my edge.
How do I take care of myself? 
Caregiver Health
Where do I start? What do I focus on?
Financial & Legal
How do I help my Loved One with the basics of daily life?
Personal Care
Anyone have a secret book or care tip to share? Dish.
Caregiver Approach
Are we missing a key care decision? Tell us.
Other Care Decisions?
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